Adamspeak mountain is the most important attraction to the Wathsala Inn…

The religious importance

Buddhist pilgrims climbs the 2245m (7242ft) high mountain to honor the legendary footprint of Buddha. Approx. 300.000 pilgrims visit this place a year. Sri Pada means “holy footprint”. To the Hindus the mountain is holy for another reason: they call it “Shivas Peak”. Christians from the old Indian Church think that the apostle Thomas have lived there during his mission in India, and the Muslims call it “Adam’s Peak” and interpret the footprints as those of the first man. In the history of religions, Sri Pada is a holy mountain of classic importance.

As the most exciting, adventurious and pictureous hill climb of Sri Lanka.
In addition to the religious requirement,most of the peopleclimb to the top to observe the effulgence of the rising sun which is like a magical happening created by mother nature.By the way you will pass through magnificent sceneries and will get an real experience of hill climbing adventure There is only a walking distance from Wathsala Inn to the starting point of the hill climb

Pilgrimage Season

The pilgrimage season is from poya day in December and until may – most busy in January and February. You can go at other times, but the mountain is usually included in clouds and it can be a wet experience to climb.


Out of the 3 roots for the hill climb the Hatton root which starts the climb from Nallathanniya(Delhousie)is the most popular one.You go to Hatton
by train or bus from Colombo. From Hatton, you’ll either go by busses, three-wheeler or taxi to Dalhousie, 33 km south-west of Hatton.You’ll pass 2 bis reservoirs – the Castlereigh one and Maussakele one

The hill climb

The climb takes 2½ to 4 hours. The first signs of dawn comes around 5.15 and sunrise is usually between 5.30 and 5.40. So a start around 2 am is fine,
and if you bring a sleeping bag or plenty of clothes, you might start earlier.
Stay at Wathsala Inn at 2 am and start the climb with our guide may be a fine experience.

Sightseeing and waterfalls

See the panoraminc view of water and the hills surrounding Maussakele & Castlereigh reservoirs.

Other activities you can do

See the panoraminc view of water and the hills surrounding Maussakele & Castlereigh reservoirs.